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 Election Result Causes Upset in Gongshe

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PostSubject: Re: Election Result Causes Upset in Gongshe   Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:41 pm

(I honestly haven't thought about that, although I guess once Elegor has been found, one way or another...unless another issue arises in that process that we want to continue further? I don't really know, we can end it whenever it feels right. I have an idea which could potentially spark off another unrelated RP if there's nothing which sparks from this one, but I'll sae it and see if something else pops up first)

"Thank you Emily, I quite enjoyed the tour," said Lloyton. "To be honest, I don't know that much about history either - you could've told me that the University was originally sponsored by aliens and I would'e almost believed you." He laughed, looking at Emily. "But, don't worry, I think your version was much more believable - and enjoyable."

He turned his attention to the menu. "Now, what to eat? I'm still not quite used to the local cuisine - although, I do enjoy it. It was the Zucchini that you mentioned earlier, right?"


To the Honourable Comrade Voron Black,

On behalf of the people of Gongshe, I most graciously thank yourself and your country for the assistance given to my administration over what has been a most difficult transition into government. In particular, I must express the deepest gratitude for your hospitality towards Mr Lloyton Barrack, who has spoken nothing but the highest praise of your country during our many phone conferences.

In order to thank you properly, I wish to visit you in West Horn early in the New Year. If arrangements could be made for me to address your noble High Council, and to embark on a tour of your national prides, it would be much appreciated.

Of course, this will be completely financed by my administration. You have already provided so much to Gongshe, and I do not wish to place further financial burden upon you.

Please contact my office when practical if there is anything you wish to discuss.

Warmest regards,
Rosia Corr
President of Gongshe
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PostSubject: Re: Election Result Causes Upset in Gongshe   Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:51 am

(Well I'll just carry on then. Just thought it would be a good time to start thinking about it. I think the RP is coming near an end.)

Emily smiled brightly, "Well I just happen to love Zucchini so it might just be me, but the Zucchini pasta and wraps are my favourites..." Emily scanned the menu, "although I might try something different today."

Jorn returned to their table to deliver a small bottle of non-alcoholic red wine, "Are you ready to order yet ma'am and sir?"

"Not quite yet Jorn, thank you." Replied Aria.

"Anyway, all cuisine is strictly vegetarian, no fish, meats or poultry. So I'd imagine that our food is similar to Gongshe's usual vegetarian dishes." Emily closed her menu, "You know, I think I'll try the sweet potato and ri..." Emily was interrupted by her phone.

"Please excuse me for a second Mr. Lloyton." Emily said as she withdrew from the table.

"Hello Ms. Aria... We're at the Plaza District, we're just ordering dinner... Yes... That sound's wonderful... Of course I'll inform him... No time has been scheduled yet? ... (Emily's voice drops to a whisper) Will he be ok to travel... That's excellent news... Of course Ms. Aria... Any other preparations ma'am... If you're sure Ms. Aria... Goodbye Ms. Aria, enjoy your evening... Thank you ma'am."

Emily returned to her seat grinning, "Great news Mr. Lloyton; Ms. Rosia Corr wishes to visit NuerNeo and address the High Council and meet our Comrade Voron Black. Ms. Aria is trying to arrange a grand parade and a public holiday to celebrate the occasion. We haven't had a parade for quite a while, and its always such a wonderful event." Emily's smile widened and her eyes shone with joy, "Ooh and it would be just perfect if our Comrade Voron Black would be at the parade. He's been a bit reclusive lately."

Jorn returned, and the two ordered their meals. After dinner, Emily called it a day and they returned to the Government Blocks.


To the Most Highly Esteemed President Rosia Corr

The people of NuerNeo, and myself, most humbly accept your thanks. We hope that if you, your administration or your country need further support or aid in these troubled times, that you need just ask and NuerNeo will respond as quickly as possible. Unfortunately I have so far been unable to personally meet Mr. Lloyton, but from what I've heard from my ministers, he is a most delightful and exemplary man, and we are most grateful to have him posted here in NuerNeo as the official ambassador to our country.

We of course, would be most delighted to have you stay here in NuerNeo, and the High Council will be most honoured to have you address us at one of our meetings.

In honour of such the strengthening of ties between our people and this momentous occasion, we would love to mark your visit with a parade to welcome you to our country, and to show you the true spirit of the Nuernian people. Accommodation for your visit will of course, be supplied for you and whatever entourage you wish to bring.

Voron Black
Head of State, NuerNeo


Background: After searching the Elegor's vacation house, troops found mentions of Zinnia, suspected mistress of Elegor. A few photos of Elegor with an unidentified woman were also found, assumed to be Zinnia. Interviews with the owner of a gentleman's club that Elegor frequented, confirmed Zinnia to be aspiring amateur actress, Lola Whitethorn. A team of Special Forces are in a van outside Zinnia's apartment in Saer, waiting for the opportunity to move in.

00:49 - 21 December 2012

"Lights have been off for approximately half an hour. Suspect assumed asleep." Operative 1 radioed, "Requesting confirmation to move in and capture suspect."

"Request confirmed, but extract ASAP, we don't want to make a scene." The Colonel radioed in, "Call me as soon as the suspect has been captured. Colonel out."

"Okay men, we have clearance to go, move out in five." Announced Operative 1 to the other 4 members of the Special Force Team.

Within five minutes, the SF Team had assembled outside the apartment door. Operative 4 picked the lock. The SF Team moved stealthily through the small, dark apartment. Empty living room, empty kitchen, only one other door. Operative 5 covered the apartment's entrance while the others gathered at the door. Operative 1 motioned a silent order: open door and disable suspects. Operative 2 slowly opened the door, producing a loud squeek.

A high voice sounded from the bedroom, "Honey... what are you doing?"

Operative 3 moved in swiftly, grabbed the person in a choke-hold, resulting in the person passing out. Another person lay in the bed, evidently a heavy sleeper, probably male. Operative 2 injected a substance into the man, ensuring that he stayed asleep. Operative checked the en-suite bathroom, to ensure that no other suspects remained in the apartment, before signaling to move out. The suspects were shoved into body bags and brought to the SF Team's van. Operative 5 checked the suspects, and nodded.

Operative 1 radioed the Colonel, "Suspects neutralised. Moving to extraction point. Suspects confirmed as Lola Whitethorn and Justice Elegor. Must I execute Elegor as ordered."

"Change of plans, Aria wants Elegor alive and tried as per Gongshian law. Bring Elegor to Opal House immediately, along with Whitehorn, I'll be waiting outside, and we'll hand the sleazebag over to Corr personally. Colonel out."

Within 20 minutes, the SF Team and the Colonel stood inside Opal House's entrance hall, with Operatives 2 and 5 carrying Elegor, and Operatives 3 and 4 carrying Whitethorn.

"Ma'am, please call Ms. Corr down here, I think she would like to see this." The Colonel asked a startled secretary, who rushed off to do as she was asked.

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PostSubject: Re: Election Result Causes Upset in Gongshe   Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:29 am

(a quick point - what are the time zones for our nations?? I'm assuming that Gongshe and NuerNeo have the same, just to make things easier for this RP - maybe when it's wrapped up we can decide properly?)

Esteemed Comrade Voron Black,

I thank you for agreeing to my proposal to visit. I would very much like to experience a Nuernian parade - I have heard that they are an experience not to be missed.

In regards to my trip, I wish not to travel with a large entourage. Only my daughter, and the young woman who has replaced Lloyton Barrack as my secretary will be accompanying me. I hope that should I need any further staff while I am in your country, that Mr Lloyton will be available will be available to assist his successor.

Kind Regards,
Rosia Corr
President of Gongshe


01:05 - Rosia's bedroom

The phone beeped softly, waking Rosia from what had been a restless sleep. She rolled over, intending to silence it, but saw that the call was from Lloyton and changed her mind.

"Hello? Really, at this hour?........Okay, sure....Yes, yes, it's true, no dates have been confirmed yet, but it's going to- BEEP BEEP - hang on Lloyton, I'm being paged by Tigerlili.

Rosia put her former secretary on hold, to answer the current one. "What is it, and can't it wait until morning?....Nuernians? Are you sure that's who they've got? Okay, I'll be down in five."

"Lloyton, I have to go. They've got Elegor."

Rosia pulled on her robe and ran down the stairs, meeting her new secretary Tigerlili Preston in the hallway. The sixteen year old was wide-eyed with fear. "Do I have to....?" she asked in a barely audible whisper.
Rosia put her hand on the girl's shoulder, comforting her. "Go back to bed, I can handle this one." The girl smiled gratefully, and retreated upstairs.

The President waited to her the slam of the bedroom door, before opening her house to it's former inhabitant and his capturers. "Welcome," she smiled, "I think you had better come in."
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PostSubject: Re: Election Result Causes Upset in Gongshe   Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:08 am

(OOC: yeah, creating timezones now would be too troublesome. Lets discuss it before the next RP instead.)

The Colonel and his team gave Corr a formal salute before stepping into her room, along with the drugged up ex-President and his lover.

"Sorry for disturbing you at such an hour, but we thought you'd want to meet our guests." Said the Colonel, gesturing towards Elegor and Whitehorn, "They're unconscious at the moment, courtesy of my team here." The SF Team stood at attention, saluting again.

"The woman's name is Lola Whitethorn, an employee at a gentleman's club that Elegor frequently visited." Stated Operative 1, "We have confirmed her to be the woman working under the alias of Zinnia."

"Yes. Anyway, we need orders on what you would like us to do with this fraud? Should we hand him over to your police, or would you prefer that we use, uh, other methods?"

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PostSubject: Re: Election Result Causes Upset in Gongshe   

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Election Result Causes Upset in Gongshe
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