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 Tokkyland Sells Nukes to Private and Government Parties

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PostSubject: Tokkyland Sells Nukes to Private and Government Parties   Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:32 am

The Constitutional Monarchy of Tokkyland

So, in the latest news, Tokkyland has decided to start selling nuclear weapons to anybody who asks. The reason is that "we need money." Nothing more to say. I assume it will create some tension in the Region.


The Royal Ponies of NuerNeo

"NuerNeo abhors Tokkyland's selling of nuclear weapons to nations and private owners." - Aria Warworth, Minister of the Interior.
"All measures have been taken by the Nuernian military to prevent any transactions of nuclear weaponry to take place between Tokkyland and any private party, and damn the consequences!" - Grand Marshall Vladimir III

The Constitutional Monarchy of Tokkyland

"Damn NuerNeo! We shall not be stopped from our current trade agreements. If they dare to block the trading routes, they will have another thing coming at them!" yells Jonathan Robsky, apparently the newest Minister of Defence.

Chaos continues in most of Tokkyland, however in the south, the counties have begun organising together in a temporary state, with the intention to evict the war-hungry from the nation and restore order. Alexander Pepsican, the freshly elected president of the aforementioned state, has requested regional help. In an interview, he mentioned: "We would like to inform the states of New South Wales that the situation in Tokkyland is dire. We intend to calm things down, however we lack the numbers. Any help is much, much appreciated."


The Royal Ponies of NuerNeo

NuerNeo has pledged all necessary resources to aid Alexander Pepsican in combating the potentially deadly threat of private owned nuclear weaponry. NuerNeo has also risen it's Military Readiness Status to 3. Missile Defense Systems within NuerNeo and it's protectorate of Imperial Rusland have been alerted of the threat and are armed. A group of diplomats as well as a small detachment of military specialists are en-route to Tokkyland to begin the establishment of order.

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Tokkyland Sells Nukes to Private and Government Parties
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